Jesse Dylan is a filmmaker, Creative Director & CEO of Wondros, a full-service production, design, social media, and strategy firm.  He a prolific director behind some of the most successful campaigns in commercial television, print, and interactive advertising; he has created award-winning commercials for clients including Nike, Nintendo, Motorola, American Express, NFL, and MTV.

Recently, Jesse’s work has focused on telling the stories of the world’s most innovative projects, people, and organizations. He created the iParticipate campaign for the Entertainment Industry Foundation (iParticipate.org), tying together film, print, and social media in the service of inspiring volunteerism across the United States.  He directed the public service announcements, including a print campaign, for Stand up to Cancer (SU2C.org), an organization committed to fostering collaboration in cancer research.  He also directed a film for The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) about the newly-completed Large Hadron Collider.

Jesse’s previous work includes the Emmy Award winning music video “YES WE CAN” inspired by Barack Obama’s historic run for president.  He has created media projects for a diverse group of organizations, including Bono’s non-profit ONE, the (RED) campaign fighting AIDS in Africa, the Council On Foreign Relations, the PODER Reconciliation Forum, and a short film exploring innovation at Harvard Medical School.   Jesse is also an active member of TED (Technology Entertainment Design), where he creates marketing materials and short films in support of TED Prize Winners.

His feature film directorial work is comprised of comedies such as “Kicking and Screaming” with Will Ferrell and Robert Duvall and “American Wedding.”  Other feature-length projects include the documentary “Made in America,” which explores the culture of gangs and systemic violence in South Los Angeles.  He produced the film for director Stacy Peralta who premiered it at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival. Jesse also produced and directed an innovative new television series entitled “CONversations with Ricky Jay,” an original series built around sleight of hand artist/actor/author Ricky Jay as he explores the fine art of cons, frauds, and hoaxes with celebrities, experts, luminaries and fellow raconteurs.

At the vanguard of the collective intelligence community, Jesse dedicates himself to his non-profit medical website Lybba.org.  The hope behind Lybba is that all of the world’s medical knowledge will be available in an open forum, free of charge, in simple, easy-to-understand language.  Jesse is also an active member of several organizations dedicated to growing our understanding of the world in an effective and equitable way.  He is a fellow at Science Commons and serves on the board of Public Knowledge, a Washington, D.C. based public interest group working to defend citizens’ rights in our emerging digital culture.